EU Commissioner backs the Charter

EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs, Kristalina Georgieva, today expressed her strong support for the Charter  saying that she hopes it leads to transformative change.

“We need to pre-empt crises, rather than reacting when the disaster hits, ” the Commissioner said during a high-level panel debate at the European Development Days. “That’s why I endorse the Charter to End Extreme Hunger because it is a global commitment to prevent any other famines from happening.  The world has changed and we must respond early, support local food production, make food affordable, protect the poorest and most vulnerable and reduce armed conflict.”

The debate was organised by Caritas Europa, Oxfam, Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) and ONE to discuss what needs to be done to avoid these mistakes again.

‘We cannot treat a humanitarian crisis as isolated from long term development’ said Fran Equiza, Oxfam’s Regional Director for the Horn of Africa. “Why do we only take care of malnourished children when they are about to die? Why don’t we deal with the problem before?  Clearly, morally and economically it is the best thing to do.”

Read Kristalina Georgieva’s blog post on why she supports the Charter

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